Posted by Dr. Nicholas Kraetzer on 2nd Feb 2015

When Parasites Invade

There are thousands of known parasites and perhaps millions of unknown varieties.

Parasites can enter the body through many portals, including exposure to those infected, food, during gestation, and environmental means.

These parasites set up communities within their unsuspecting hosts with the intentions of crippling the health of the immune system, body, and brain. These parasitic communities, which are part of a larger pecking order, transfer disease and waste products to other communities within the multiple layers of the body. Parasites can spread pathogens that cause multitudes of illnesses, allergies, tissue destruction, joint pain, arthritis, cravings, acceleration of aging, and even death. They are known to block the absorption of nutrients that are vital to our existence.

Parasites secrete toxic products and chemicals that are devastating to the nervous system and other tissues. This produces change in the weakened cell walls setting the stage for health issues to arise. Parasitic infections are one cause of a downward spiral of wellness in the human body.

With time, the weakened and fatigued immune system becomes overwhelmed as it attempts to eliminate parasites. The immune system has difficulty destroying these invaders due to the sheer size and continuously multiplying numbers.

For example, roundworms can produce 200,000 eggs per day. Some tapeworms can produce up to one million eggs per day. The increasing parasitic population begins to thrive as hope of recovery for the host decreases.

Most laboratory testing can only detect parasitic activity within the intestinal tract. Very few have the capabilities of detection outside the intestinal tract and other parts of the body. In essence, most parasites are rarely suspects in a declining human condition.

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